1. Im drunk.

    Walked up to fire fighters sitting on lawn charis watching drink people on Friday night. Tol them bout cute cittens,

    man stands up

    "cittens need help"

    no, they just cute, I saud. But they was ready to help incase. but it was oka and now im home at bed

  2. Thanks for your responses last night guys, you made me feel better about my streak of bad luck! In other news, I am working on designing a new lingerie line for client. I am in the very early stages, here are some of the sample sketches!


  3. Sorry I havent been active much recently. In the last week I have:

    -Had to semi-emergency drive 12 hours roundtrip to my brother for a wellfare check (he is okay)

    -Gotten sick (on my birthday)

    -Dropped my car keys in a public toilet

    -Dropped my phone into my own toilet (RIP)

    -Gotten rear-ended on the highway

    -Had to stay up till 5am finishing a freelancer project

    -Had to go into work on a Saturday

    I looked at my yearly horoscope that said after the giant moon this past weekemd, I would loose (I think Jupiter) all my luck. Well, although I dont generally believe in that stuff, I think it is true after this fucking week.

    The next prediction was a financial windfall and career success. Bring it on, Im tired of paycheck to paycheck right now.

  4. Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,

    Why yes, I am interested in your new Hollywood Costume Museum! Id love to go to the reception and see your exhibits on costumes from the Hunger Games and Titanic. Unfortunately, I dont have the minimum $5,000 to donate to your museum to attend. I am there in spirit,

    Much love,

    A girl you thought had money.

    P.S. Thanks for sending me such nice pamphlets, I havent received anything printed on such nice paper since I applied for college!

  5. Sick day / catch up on freelance work / make a big mess