1. Job Opening 4/15/2014

    The company where I just got a job is still looking for another person to join their team! I figured I would let all my Tumblr followers know, as I believe some of you are fashion people!

    It is a great contemporary accessories design company with an office in CalMart in Downtown LA. They are in immediate need of another Assistant Designer/CAD Designer. The position mostly entails photoshop and illustrator work with purses, scarves, wallets, etc. They will consider anyone with a fashion/accessories background with strong photoshop/illustrator skills. You can send resumes to Amy@under1sky.com. She is doing interviews this week!

    (you pretty much have to be in LA already, although she may consider you if you can move like…tomorrow!)

    Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or want more info!


  2. I got a job!

    Finally! I feel like my life choices are finally validated!

    I officially start tomorrow, working for Under One Sky accessories! They do a lot of cute juniors/contemporary accessories for places like Nordstrom, Zumiez, Etc. I am going to be doing a lot of computer work for them on photoshop and illustrator. Im going to be a super pro after a couple weeks!

    Anyway, getting money will be nice. They are also located in CalMart, which is the center of a lot of fashion activity in LA which will be cool.


  3. Melrose Flea Market time! So readdyyy

  4. I whipped up this little iridescent top pretty quick. I decided last minute to submit to the next season of Project Runway. Like..super last minute. Anyway, fingers crossed that the package gets there in time!

  5. Obsessed with this iridescent purple fabric right now