1. Doing Stuff at Work

    Sorry its been so quiet over here! I get so tired when I am home from work and turn into a slug.

    In positive news, I have developed all new branding for our brand at work! it is really cool, and exciting, and involves stickers! And the best part is, tomorrow afternoon I am going to be solo-presenting the entire concept to the accessories buying team for Ross!

    If you guys want to check out the company I work for, look at our facebook! It will be getting updated a lot more from now on and will include some fun give-aways!


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  4. I am starting to get more interested in repeat pattern the better I get at it on Illustrator. It is kind of a bitch to master, but I am getting there. I have done a ditzy floral, a couple geometric patterns, as well as starting on a crow print. I have a couple of line drawings, gonna see where it goes!


  5. I feel guilty for not posting any pictures of anything pretty I have made…since I havent been making anything pretty, or making anything at all really.

    Having a full time job and an apartment that is always hot is not conducive to creativity :(