1. My boyfriends just got into the last tier of interviews for an awesome job in Dusseldorf, Germany. Sooo….if he gets it I guess I am moving to Germany…!

    Fingers kind of crossed, its a scary idea and I would have to quit my job, but I couldnt pass the opportunity to live abroad up could I?

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  3. An old man with a big mustache driving a harley davidson motorcycle complimented my driving today after I honked at someone who cut me off. He told me that I should teach them a lesson, then laughed and said not like that, just teach them how to drive.

    All in all, this reinforces my huge ego when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. TAKE THAT BAD DRIVERS OF CALIFORNIA


  4. News about Adulting

    Things I have learned this week

    1. learn how to cut your own hair, salons be expensive

    2. unpaid internships in CA sometimes pay in weed

    3. Social media takes a lot of time ( I am my companies new social media person)

  5. fashinpirate:

    she is one of my favorite people in new york. god bless

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