1. Despite a creative slump, I managed to sew up this cute leather bucket bag. My first time sewing leather, I think it came out cute. Plus my shirt is awesome :-)

  2. Got some time in to sketch at work today! I posted this on my work facebook and instagram, I am hoping if there is a good response I can start sneaking in more time to sketch and possibly get some sketches put in our buyer presentations. Yay drawing!


  3. Guess who just negotiated her first raise at work? This bitch.

    Apparently the first ever employee to get a raise in the first six months. Taking a page out of the #girlboss book, you wont get what you dont ask for.

  4. BTW, here I am being a model for our lovely plaid backpack! Find it at Target.com, search “Under One Sky”. Plaid on plaidddd for fall!


  5. Wondering what it is like to work in Accessories Design?

    I am running the instagram for my office! If you guys are interested in seeing what I do on a daily basis, follow @under1skybrand. I have been posting photos of our products, design meetings, sneak previews of designs, and other cool stuff. Luckily, I have found a great company to work for as my first “real” job, and it is pretty exciting!