1. I just made what I think is a good purchase at the local thrift store. I LOVE vintage coats, especially with fur collars. I finalllyyyyy found a petite size (or half-pint as it says on the label) that actually fits me, I am so happy! It is in perfect condition- looks like new, and was only $25. It is by Oppenheim Collins co., and a quick look online shows other coats by this make selling for between $150-$250, wow!

    From a 1941 New York Times article, “The half-pint is a special small size limited to those who are not more than 5 feet 5 inches tall and wear junior sizes from 9 to 17….The half-pint style, while it may suit any age between 16 and 30, is essentially young. The time that favors it likes short, swinging skirts and has a special fondness for dresses with a deep inset midriff girdles.”

    Due to the large shoulders on this, I would think it is from the 1940’s, what do you guys think?

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  2. noemmi answered: beautiful! looks 40s or even early 50s. good find Lovie!
  3. grabitcrotchitmaimeit answered: It might be a late 1930’s piece; look up the style code onl
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