1. One Skirt- Three Looks

    I hope all of you out there have a plain black skirt in your wardrobe. If you don’t, you are missing a very important wardrobe basic! Here is my favorite cotton skirt, by a brand called Pink Rose I found in T. J. Maxx (my favorite store). It is just above the knee, a tulip-ALine hybrid, which goes with essentially anything.

    Here I have a couple different looks to give you guys ideas on how to stretch your basic pieces a bit furthur!

    Day Look:

    Black Skirt; Teal V-Neck (Tresics) ; Metallic Flats Shoes (BCBGirls); Pearl and Gold Necklace (Vintage)

    I have to sing the praises of a neutral metallic shoe! These flats are not quite gold, not quite silver, and go with EVERYTHING! I had a pair of snakeskin flats like these which I wore until they literally fell apart! I found this cute pair at a thrift store virtually unworn for $20. I encourage you to invest in a pair yourself!

    Night Look:

    Black Skirt; Lace Body Suit (Sparkle & Fade); Cherry Red Heels (to beat up to read the designer)

    These red heels once were worn to a mud wrestling match….ever since then I haven’t been able to read the designer label. They are my designated “party shoes,” so I wear them out all the time without worrying about messing them up. This outfit is pretty simple, I let the lace and pops of color add the sexy factor to it without showing off to much skin.

    Work Look:

    Black Skirt, Cream Lace Blouse (BCBGirls); Red Bead Necklace (Ralph Lauren); Floral Flats (Kate Miller)

    These floral flats are my pride and joy. I bought them for $12 new in a thrift store, with the $300 Nordstrom price sticker still on the sole of the shoe! A neutral shoe and neutral blouse are good for work, and you can add a pop of color with a necklace or headband.

    Its warm here in Savannah, so these looks were done without jackets. You can easily winterize them with black tights, and throw on a black flat with the work look. If you guys want to see more like this, let me know!

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